AvStar Aviation Services, Inc.

AvStar Aviation Services, Inc. ("AvStar") was formed to fill a void between major full service airports with maintenance centers, and smaller inefficient airports and family-run facilities. By focusing on smaller tier facilities, AvStar will offer services that only the majors have enjoyed.

AvStar will acquire FBOs (fixed-base operator) and MRO (maintenance and repair organization) centers, and consolidate them into a branded, name recognizable entities that can offer more consistent piece of mind and stellar services.

AvStar will also go after under-utilized 1st tier operations that can benefit from this new identity; thus, increasing not only revenues and strong shareholder value, but; first and foremost, increasing customer satisfaction and operator services to pilots.

AvStar, along with their financial partners, will create an environment of stability amongst private corporate and individual aircraft owners. Safety, Security and Stability by knowing that those that serve the customers have been doing so with impeccable service records for decades!

AvStar is acquiring more than bricks and mortar, we are acquiring employees that value the customer to the highest standards. Employees that value, above all, every ones safety!

AvStar will build share holder value by consolidating and increasing buying power which translates into larger revenues which increases the bottom line without compromising Safety, Security and Stability.

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